In many ways, the gluteal muscles have been under fire by various professionals of various industries. The common debate amongst individuals is whether or not we should in fact be targeting such musculature for injury prevention, rehabilitation, and sport performance.
Here are several examples of studies that demonstrate a potential need to address the gluteals in rehabilitation:
  • In a study of Div III collegiate athletes by Cichanowski et al, 13 females who were diagnosed with unilateral “patello-femoral pain” were found to have significantly weaker hip abductor and external rotator muscle groups of the injured lower extremity.
  • In a study of 15 females with “patellofemoral pain” by Ireland et al, hip abduction strength and hip external rotation strength were found to be significantly less than age-matched controls.
  • Robinson and Nee’s study of 10 females who sought physical therapy for unilateral knee pain demonstrated significantly less hip extension, abduction, and external rotation strength than the same number of control subjects with no known knee pathology.
  • Average hip abductor (glute medius) torque in 24 distance runners with ITBS was found by Fredericson et al to be significantly weaker than that of the uninjured limb and controls.
  • Hewitt et al’s review of ACL injuries in Females reported a number of studies that demonstrated decreased gluteal muscle activity and/or ability to absorb ground reaction forces by the hip musculature during landing in females who sustained ACL injuries than in uninjured athletes.
  • Hewitt et al’s prospective study on predictors of ACL injury risk in females demonstrated significant hip and knee neuromuscular control differences than their controls.

So although “the glutes may not be firing” may indeed be an incorrect way of approaching such musculature, in my opinion ignoring their importance in injury prevention, rehabilitation, and sport performance may not be entirely accurate.

…but that’s just my opinion!

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