The practice of yoga has recently received some flak for its potential risk of injury. A recent post from the New York Times outlined such risk. However, like any activity, the combination of critical thinking and proper performance typically precludes injury prevention. Therefore, I’ve listed below some corrective exercise strategies for the Functional Movement Screen utilizing traditional Yoga poses.

Active Straight Leg Raise Calves Single Leg Lowering (supported) Single Leg Lowering (unsupported) Reclining Hamstring Pose
Hamstring Stretch Single Leg Inverted Hamstring
Shoulder Mobility Pectoralis Rib Grab Trunk Rotation (supine) Belly Twist v. A
Latissimus 90 / 90 Stretch Double Leg Lift Supine Twist
Wall Slide
Rotary Stability Quadriceps Hip Flexor Stretch Quadruped Rock – RNT
Latissimus Quadriceps Stretch Rolling (soft)
Rolling (hard) Balancing Table
Bird Dog
Trunk Stability Push Up Hip Flexor Stretch Incline Push UP Plank Pose
Push Up Walkout Downward Dog
In-Line Lunge Quadriceps         . Hip Flexor Stretch Single Leg Bridge One Leg Bridge
Latissimus Quadriceps Stretch Lunge with Rotation Pigeon Pose
Pectoralis Dorsiflexion Mobilization
Calves 90 / 90 Stretch
Wall Slide
Hurdle Step Quadriceps Hip Flexor Stretch SL Straight Leg Bridge Warrior 1
Quadriceps Stretch Warrior 2
Stride Stretch w/ Spinal Rotation Warrior 3
Stride Stretch w/ Hip Ext. Rotation  . .
Deep Squat Calves Hip Flexor Stretch Quadruped Rock – RNT Half Bow
Quadriceps    . Quadriceps Stretch Toe-Touch Progression Part 1 Wide-Legged Forward Bend
Latissimus Dorsiflexion Mobilization Toe-Touch Progression Part 2
Pectoralis Wall Slide


For a printable table, please click here.


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16 Responses to FMS Yoga Solutions

  1. Jeff,

    Excellent work and good perspective. I’ll plug some of this stuff into my own training and report back.

    Carson Boddicker

  2. Patrick Ward says:

    Nice piece, Jeff. Thanks!!


  3. jcubos says:

    Thanks gents. You guys are doing great jobs yourselves!

  4. That’s really a good breakdown of those yoga poses for corrective strategies…nice work!


  5. Richard Husseiny says:


    I really like the way this has been broken down. Really easy to follow and practice! I’ll be trying this this afternoon with one of the athletes I work with. I’ll let you know how it goes.


  6. Chi says:

    Wow, Jef, blogging above and beyond!

  7. Mark Young says:

    Very inspired thinking Jeff!

  8. jcubos says:

    Ah yes. Inspired by lululemon 😉

  9. Graeme says:

    Great stuff – I am going to get all my west coast yoga loving clients doing the poses they need to be doing.

    Graeme Lehman

  10. jcubos says:


    That’s exactly it. “Smart Yoga”. We need less downward dogs and more warriors 🙂

  11. Brilliant as usual Doc… love it:) Thanks!!! Hope you are well!

  12. Anjeanette says:

    I love Warrior One! I never used to be good at it, but then I discovered there are ways to modify it. Yoga guru Leeann Carey has a free yoga video that shows how to break it down. I thought you would be interested in it:

  13. Steve says:

    What are your thoughts about lumbar flexion in Sun Salutations, or pinching of the supraspinous ligament and increasing forces on facet joints in Cobra pose?

  14. jcubos says:

    Hey Steve.

    Good to hear from you. I hope you’re doing well!

    To be honest with you, I have no problem with any of the yoga poses. My concern only lies with too high of a volume of a specific direction, especially if one’s body isn’t prepared to to do (i.e. improper movement patterns and specific joint restrictions).

  15. This is great Jeff!!! Extremely helpful for me!


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