The Rotator

On January 13, 2010, in Shoulder, Therapeutic Methods, by jcubos

What is it?

  • A device that can be used in physical and manual therapy settings, as well as in the sporting arena.

What is it used for?

  • The Rotator can be used for increasing both shoulder mobility and strength in clinically indicated situations.

When does Dr. Jeff like to use it?

  • Aside from those situations listed on the Rotator website, I personally find it most useful with larger athletes and patients. The reason for this is essentially to make my life easier when performing manual therapy techniques. For example, when performing soft tissue therapy on structures in the region of the posterior shoulder girdle (i.e. posterior capsule, glenohumeral external rotators, etc), the Rotator allows the patient to use his/her opposite arm to assist the necessary motion that might not otherwise be possible in those with “larger” chest sizes.

How can the Rotator be improved?

  • While I have yet to find a “be all – end all” product, the Rotator IS a useful device. However, a few patients have noted to me that the velcro strap isn’t the most comfortable and that a softer, cloth-type strap, may be more user friendly.

Here is a clip of the Rotator in action:

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